being pregnant


This pregnancy has been the toughest.  Morning sickness was by far the worst, and lasted for roughly 22 weeks, which is considerably longer than the other two.  I’ve had pregnancy insomnia waking around 4am each day which makes for loooooooong and often trying days, and the frequent lack of sleep reduces my tolerance for poor behaviour of Poppy and the Fox.

It has also been an incredibly hot summer, which I have tolerated pretty well, but as we reach the final week(s) I am wrapped that the forecast is for cooler days.

I’ve had considerable back pain, unique to this pregnancy.   Oh and I’ve not had reflux in the past but you guessed it, got to experience that this time as well!  Whinge whinge I know  but I write for prosperity for my kids to read it’s part of our families story.

Foxy asked me in the car yesterday “Did you love me even when I was in your tummy?” What a great question it made me smile and I needed those precious moments yesterday. Then Poppy asked the same question, and we talked about how much I loved them when they were in my tummy and how much I love this baby, to which they both replied they love the baby sooooo much too.

My measurements may be a little bigger than when I was pregnant with Poppy and Fox but if so only marginally.  I can’t wait to meet you baby, I wonder what you will look like, who you will be, what name you might take, and I long to hold you cuddle you, drink in your smell and love you out in this big wide world.

I hope you’re a great sleeper, it would be nice to experience that in a child. But most of all I hope you are healthy, that you thrive in our family, and you grow to be a confident, loving, caring, respectful, person who knows deeply that they are utterly loved and valued just for being themselves (yes, even if you aren’t a good sleeper).  We so look forward to welcoming you little baby any time now is fine!


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