little Poppy DSCN3645 little PoppyDSCN4472 IMG_0009 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA little Poppylittle Poppy OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had meant to write something which described our Poppy and post it at the time of her birthday, it has taken till now to get to it.

Things that I know to be true about our girl

  • The first time she had her hair cut at a hair dresser she bumped her head getting down from the chair, and now every time we go back she says she doesn’t want to bump her head again
  • She loves animals, really loves them if only we weren’t renting she could have her own chickens
  • She loves crafting, creating, drawing, gluing, painting with paint brushes or her hands she’s adept at using scissors
  • She must butter her own bread
  • She enjoys being out on her scooter but isn’t so good on the bike (she received only recently for her birthday)
  • Cooking is a joy for her particularly if baking and there are beaters to be licked, she also loves to crack the eggs
  • She loves my boobs, she still likes to put her hand down my top, for comfort when she wants to feel close or is tired
  • Day sleeps dwindled when she was under 2 and a half (so very sad)
  • She has gained such great confidence as a swimmer lately.  But just like her Mama it has to be warm or she just isn’t interested one little bit
  • She shares a room with Fox
  • She and Fox get on pretty well…..that said they also fight and argue and she has started being a right turkey and hitting him when they argue.  Fox is more likely to give in to Poppy’s demands, give up the toy he might have or let her have her way.  I think he should stand up to her more
  • She can play for a long time with her babies, laying out dolls on blankets, cuddling dolls and it seems innately bobbing and swaying as she rocks her baby to stop it from crying
  • She is naturally attuned to music, she bops to the beat as soon as the music has started
  • She loves the Mamma Mia the ABBA musical, she picks up songs Fox bring home from school or pre school and sings along with him it is so cute
  • She is very articulate and very very talkative
  • Books for Fox don’t always hold her attention, she will often listen to one or two before she trots off to play on her own.  That said she happily flicks through books on her own, either retelling the story by memory or making up her own story to the pictures she sees
  • I mentioned recently she can navigate her way around the computer to turn on iTunes, she mastered this after observing once or twice (look out!)
  • She loves adults, we had a little party for her birthday recently, she chose the attendees, most of whom were adults!
  • Her theme songs this year used in her birthday side-show was ABBA’s Lay All Your Love On Me a close first to Justine Clarke’s “Part of the Gum Tree Family”
  • Takes her shoes off when we get in the car, drives me nuts, as I need to put them on again when we get to out destination(s) which can be two or three in one trip out
  • Knows what she want’s to wear.  Seriously she has chosen her clothes since she was one, when she would point and whinge till I pulled out the dress she was indicating she wanted to wear.  I’ve needed to become far more relaxed about her choosing her outfits it is what she wants and it really shouldn’t matter but I often want to control what she wears so she looks cute…I am far more relaxed about this now….well most of the time
  • She loves being with me, at home doing what I am doing, just being together
  • Is super excited about the babies arrival and I think she will be a doting big sister
  • When she has a success she often claps, like she is her own cheer squad
  • She loves each member of our family, we know this because she tells us and because she gives us hugs and smooches many times a day

And our beautiful girl we love you to bits too!


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