we’re going on an adventure

welcome new baby bunting OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s feels as though an adventure is going to start, there is excitement growing, and a little nervous energy on my part as well.  Part of the excitement is in not knowing when we will gather those packed bags and head for the hospital for the arrival of our baby.

As I flicked through my note book of ‘to do’s’ and felt a massive sense of achievement as I ticked off the remaining jobs and projects I had wanted to complete pre-baby.  There were even projects not on those lists that were achieved.  Whoop Whopp!!  Ok I have to be honest there is a basket of hand washing, that remains on the list but that is it! Geez I even did that hand washing!

On Monday I met with our doula, Ingrid is her name, she’s great.  When my brother Ben was born there were significant complications, I don’t know much of the details and sadly can’t ask Mum, and Dad just doesn’t remember the details.  Ben had special needs, it is more than likely that it was due to complications and lack of oxygen during birth.  Given that history I carry some apprehension about the birth of my children.  Having a doula as a support helps me to feel more secure, to feel that our baby and I are safe.  Ingrid helps me feel safe and supported each time we have met.  I’m wrapped to have her as part of our team.

I also met with Anne on Monday.  Anne is my midwife, she is young and fun and I we are lucky to have her on our team as well.  Our baby has moved, it is no longer engaged as it was last week but I’m told that happens with second and subsequent babies.  My measurements are small, you expect to be roughly 39cm at 39 weeks my measurements are 34cm.  So we expect our baby will be on the small side, hopefully it will have a small head!!

I’m ready, we are ready, bring on the adventure an adventure of a life time.


One thought on “we’re going on an adventure

  1. I’m just so excited to hear the wonderful news! You made me remember what it was like, in those final weeks, wondering when ‘the day’ would arrive.. who would this baby be? Loving someone so strongly having never met them.. what a gift. I remember Poppy’s measurements were small too and she was wonderfully healthy and simply perfect. You sound so ready, I hope baby doesn’t make you wait too much longer. And that bunting – so simple, SO FABULOUS! You will have to share more of baby’s room, the little snippets from the chest of drawers post looks beautiful xx

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