proud mama

Total brag fest about to start tune out now if you don’t like a bragger…..

Fox bought his first reader home today: ‘Zoo Dinners’.  He and I read it after dinner. He was so excited and enthusiastic.  He described what was happening on each page by looking at the pictures, then read the 5 words on each page. Some he sounded out – with help, he knew a couple of words by sight.  Four of the five words on each page were the same, and the fifth word could be guessed by looking at the picture. In other words you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work it out, but he did it.

He read the whole book and was so chuffed with himself, the whole family was there listening and we were all wrapt.  High-fives all round.

After reading it with me, he re-read the book by himself.  That wasn’t enough though, he then got paper and textas, copied one of the pictures and wrote the five words from that page.

What a great start, he was so so wrapped with himself and we were all delighted by his achievements and his joy.   Fox's first homework


2 thoughts on “proud mama

  1. oh he’s a clever sausage 🙂 this is so fabulous, I cannot wait for ruby to start bringing home her readers next week. in some ways, it feels like they are newborns all over again – learning things for the very first time – saying new things that you have never heard them say before – proper, meaningful, useful, life lessons – those heart swells and big smiles when they proudly tell you something new they have learnt that day 🙂

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