outMy boobs and big, they hurt, I’ve had mastitis, I’ve had nipples grazed so badly that they were bleeding when feeding, sometimes I would crying while feeding.  Gil is 8 weeks and the boobs are totally engorged all…. the…. time!  This boob stuff totally sucks – no pun intended!

Normally I am a small boobed girl.  They were too small when I was a teenager I wanted more….sigh….but now, now that I have huge ones I’m really unimpressed.

I’ve been feeling flat lately.  I know, I know I’m such a lucky women I have three kids and beautiful husband who is an active parent and shares the load.  Life is good and, it is good.  But lately and today in particular I am struggling with my body image, I’m carrying a heap of extra weight post baby.  My boobs are huge, my butt and hips are too, and I have back fat.   I know it’s all relative, but I am a great deal bigger than normal and today I just feel blah.

I’m walking every day pushing Poppy on her bike and carrying Gil in the Ergo – clearly it isn’t a fast walk, but a walk none the less.

My friend Jess sent me a good link today you may have seen it already  Dove Real Women Sketches It’s a good reminder that you get flat days, we all do for so many different reasons, but you need to be kind to yourself.

My Mum would say that to me if she were able ‘be gentle with yourself Rachel…..be gentle’.  I guess we all need that reminder every now an then.  I get the reminder when I write it out, cause I can’t call Mum to talk it out any more.


4 thoughts on “b##bs

  1. Rachel, Cut yourself some slack. Hes only 2 months old. Youre not even over the birth yet. Take it easy. We think about you often. Even Ben was asking me if id heard from you guys last week and you know how slack he can be! If you dont come back to Melbers soon, we will be forced to make another visit……

    • Cabbage leaves felt great, really great. And the mastitis has cleared up but I think it was due to the 6 trips to the physio – yes physio you can have ultrasound treatment on blocked ducts. Course the last thing you need when you have a new baby, and it is school holidays, is to drag your three kids out each day to the physio for an hour to have ultrasound treatment on your boob! Needless to say I haven’t been telling the other parents at school pick-up what we were up to during the holidays…..no..no I’ll just post it here among friends!

      • Mastitis back YEP perhaps part of the reason I’d been feeling so flat! Back to the physio for ultrasound treatment Thursday and Friday, I hope it doesn’t get worse now as they are closed over the weekend.

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