a pompom on a pot…

ABMTA Pompom on a Pot…great title isn’t it?  It’s not mine title comes from Greer over at Typically Red.  Greer can knit tea cosy’s, that is where the title comes from.  I can’t knit so my teapots go nude.

Greer is a mum, knitter, photographer, a cook – I haven’t sampled her goodness but it always looks amazing – she is a writer and a crafter…. and like any women she’s a whole lot more than these titles.

Greer is hosting “A Very Bloggy Morning Tea’ her unique twist for the ‘Australia Biggest Morning Tea‘ Cancer Council fundraiser. 

You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home or office or tram…or wherever it is you do your blog reading.  Just grab a cuppa for a few minutes and pop over to Typically Red during the last week in May.  She’ll be putting on a spread and she’s going to have give aways too!  While you’re there make a donation towards cancer support, research and education, Greer’s official donation page is here.

Oh and when you’re visiting Typically Red make sure you check out Greer’s amazing knitted goodies.  I’ve a little knitting envy….

You may just be so inspired by Greer that you decide to host your own Morning Tea at home or at work, or in a park, or on a boat, or on a train, or a tram, or where ever you fancy.  If so you can register here.


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