pierce brothers

IMG_1689 IMG_1696 IMG_1694 IMG_1698city tripIMG_1707 city tripIMG_1700

Last week we ventured into Melbourne City.  Mark was down in Melbourne town for work so the kids and I went too.  This was our one family day together and we wanted to let the day unfold with out planning too much.  We came across the Pierce Brothers in the Bourke Street Mall.  Check them out here and here.

Jack and Patrick are twins, they are great muso’s. Foxy bought their EP, his first ever!! (my fist single was Locomotion…but I digress).  Jack (in the last pic above) after signing Fox’s EP stopped to talk with him, showing him a magic trick. He was  generous with his time and genuine in his engagement with the kids giving them his full attention while others were waiting to talk with him.  We wandered back towards the Mall at the end of our day out, we found the band chatting with friends and audience members.  Jack saw Fox, calling him by name he stopped talking, got down at the level with the kids and chatted about their day.  Thanks Jack, you have some new fans here!

I didn’t take my camera into the city – these photos were taken using the phone camera


3 thoughts on “pierce brothers

    • Yes, some days just unfold as they should when you are out and about. I think my single was a record, at least that is how I remember it all these years on.

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