pictures by tahnee

Harris-1 Harris-15 Harris-17 Harris-32 Harris-37 Harris-39 Harris-42 Harris-46 Harris-50 Harris-56 Harris-62 Harris-80 Harris-81 Harris-83 Harris-79 Harris-98 Harris-114 Harris-117 Harris-121 Harris-126 Harris-132 Harris-139 Harris-151 Harris-161 Harris-182 Harris-175 Harris-180 Harris-190 Harris-199 Harris-204Harris-208 Harris-207 Harris-236 Harris-247 Harris-244 Harris-269 Harris-277 Harris-295 Harris-300 Harris-313 Harris-311 Harris-330 Harris-325 Harris-345 Harris-356 Harris-360Harris-329 Harris-336 Harris-367 Harris-358 Harris-351Harris-332 Harris-322

In late May my lovely friend Tahnee visited.  I couldn’t quite believe she was willing to fly to Canberra to photograph our family.  I discovered as part of growing her photography business she is willing to travel interstate.  Oh lucky us!

Tahnee has posted about a third of our family photos here and I have posted a large selection too, there are more and I love each one.

As I greeted Tahnee at the door that dark evening I had a real pang of missing old friends, the type of friends you’ve got history with.  We chatted about our children, husbands, catching up with others from our mothers group.  We laughed about the amazing, funny and silly things our kids say and do.  Those little replica’s of us, oh aren’t they reflective of the good…and the not-so-good.  It was great to chat and laugh together and have a little kid free time.

I was pleased Tahnee slept through the frequent wakings of my three little people during the night. I was acutely aware that the following day she was going to work photographing not one but three families here in Canberra.

Tahnee was there as our morning unfolded, a normal Saturday morning, and she caught the moments, freezing them making them unforgettable.  The real moments of a family growing up, together.

I can’t recommend Tahnee more highly she is gentle and kind and great with kids (having three of her own helps).  She has a real eye for beauty and an ability to capture emotion.  If you have ever thought of or wanted family photos touch base with Tahnee.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the packages she offers we were. Mark and I are so chuffed with these photos that we will be regular clients in the years to come.


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