As we left the plane in Shanghai I felt a huge sense of relief. We made it through the flight beautifully. The kids were pretty darn super, hardly complained, and sat in their chairs the entire trip, except the odd toilet visit. I must admit that having their own screen and choice of TV or movie had them transfixed, never before has there been so much screen!

Gil was officially six months old the day we departed, he was a dream baby. He didn’t cry, and only whinged when he was trying to go to sleep. We were soooo fortunate. A number of fellow passengers as they left the plane commented on how well behaved the kids were. One man made a point of telling us how annoyed he was when he saw we were seated near him, and that he was so impressed with how quiet we were and how well the kids travelled…. I thank Qantas and Peppa Pig.

Awake 5am before the crowds of people emerged.  We walked the Bund, where we became a bit of an attraction….and when I say ‘we’ I really mean the kids. There were lots of photos taken…of us.

The kids were grumpy, tired and hungry around 10am having only eaten snacks until then. We finally found some food for them, in the form of ice cream. Then literally around the corner we found what we had been looking for…..street food and specifically Shanghai dumplings. Oh delicious dumplings.  With full tummies we wandered back to our apartment for daytime sleeps before venturing out again.

At the park families were playing on a beautiful open grass area until what I can only imagine was park security whistled and called us all off the grass. All families obediently left quickly, I am still puzzled why we had to leave?? I am sure I will never know.

Buying dinner was tricky, the satay sticks were too spicy for the Fox, much to the amusement of some locals.  Good thing Fox didn’t understand they were laughing and talking about his response to the chilli.  We were told to look for the street stalls where the locals were eating, it’s where we’d get the freshest food.  We found a stall with a long, long line of Chinese, Mark and the kids joined the line while I went to investigate what we were queuing for… was chicken schnitzel! So we kept looking.

We have learned to navigate the streets reasonably well. Though I must say I am glad today was Sunday. Which is I am told quieter on the roads. The traffic is full-on, bikes and motorbikes interweave with buses, trucks and cars. There are a great deal of horns beeping, but the locals don’t seem at all perturbed by it, nor do they appear to be in the least stressed by the traffic – while I feel nervous just crossing the street with our little family.









OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA20130909-004139.jpg







20130909-004746.jpgOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA








One thought on “Shangahi

  1. How wonderful!! Kids behaving on a plane is a blessing to all. We were very lucky with Niamh too. I think it’s because limitless screen is such a treat.
    I’m intrigued, what are in all the metal pots?
    Happy six month birthday to Gil.
    Keep enjoying the experience.
    Oh, I had a thought, who is minding the children when the award ceremony is underway or is Mark going solo?

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