a friend of mine


She looks like she might come from England, she is beautiful with her cream complexion and rosy cheeks, dark eyes, brown bobbed hair, and soft, soft skin.  She always has a gentle tone and something kind and loving, always genuine, to say.  She is genuinely interested in others, makes you feel comfortable, and goes out of her way for others.

She has a strong faith, a delicious family; three children and one super-duper husband.  She loves being a mother and a wife, and is a great source of inspiration.  She’s been a role model to me for saving money and spending wisely…..though I am not as adept nor as consistent as she is.

She is crafty: a sewer, a knitter, a fabulous cook and baker, and she is handy with a paintbrush.  She is beautiful, she is special, patient, a person whom I admire, trust and love.

She is undergoing her second round of surgery in a week.  Firstly to remove what was thought to be a dead portion of lung, and secondly, today, to remove any suspect tissues as what was initially removed turns out to be a rare and slow-growing cancer.

We have known each other for over 12 years and have supported each other through a great deal.  Please say a prayer for her and her family, and send love to my beautiful brown-haired friend as she recovers.  Thank you.


4 thoughts on “a friend of mine

  1. Thank you deeply for your kind words, and in the sending of love into the world for my dear friend. Her husband sent me a text saying he cried when he read this post.
    Your Collectively comments of support for the family are heartfelt by the family and by me.
    Love and peace for each of you and your loved ones.

  2. Goodness, I’m so sorry to hear this Rachel. What a sweet friend you are to pen such a thoughtful post. Sending love and light to all of you, and a swift return to health for your friend. Belinda xx

  3. sometimes life’s so cruel, and it hurts more when the affected person’s as good as you descrive your friend…
    lots of good luck in her malady.

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