OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA crawling7 and a half months and crawling.  He’s been on his knees rocking back and forward, like he was getting ready for something.  On Sunday we saw him take his first few real crawls, Poppy and Fox squealed with delight.

Fox “Get the camera!  Get the camera Gil’s crawling!!!”  Fox was as chuffed with Gil’s milestone as Mark and I.   He is precious that Fox boy of ours, his genuine joy in the achievements of others is such a lovely quality.

Poppy still can’t keep her hands off Gil, she wants to touch him ALL THE TIME. Especially on the face, really ALL THE TIME, I have started to ask her to touch him on the back or the tummy cause I feel she is smothering poor Gil.  I guess I should back off Gil will tell her, in his own way, when or if he has had enough…..ummm??


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