happy birthday to my mum


Happy Birthday Mum.  It would be your 63rd, it would be small, probably just you and Graham, I might have come home maybe with Gil, maybe Jess too.  I might have baked, you would definitely have cooked something delicious.  There would definitely be hugs, definitely close sitting on the lounge snuggled together, there would definitely be honest genuine conversation about life, children, relationships,there would be laughing, and closeness.

Today there was croissants.  A tradition I started after you died, normally on that anniversary.  Nancy joined us for croissants, she is one wise women from the sisterhood, she is special.

The kids and I didn’t bake today, as I like to do on your birthday, it just didn’t happen but there were candles at dinner, candles in our fritters. The kids sung Happy Birthday, with gusto.  I love you and miss you.



3 thoughts on “happy birthday to my mum

  1. You are wonderful to keep your Mum’s memory going as as an active part of your family, especially for the kids. They will have genuine memories of her.
    Hugs and kisses

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