mostly gil OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe little one isn’t much of a sleeper.  Can’t say I’m surprised his brother didn’t sleep well, neither did his big sister.  For many people when their baby turns 8 or 9 months things start to smooth out.  For me the opposite is true, I am fatigued.  I’ve not slept well in well over 12 months and the cumulative effects are hurting.

I am not complaining in a ‘woe is me’ way.  I know that I am fortunate beyond measure being able to carry, birth and nurture three babies.

I wish Mum were here, this is the kind of time I’d call and say ‘Stock the fridge were coming to stay’ or ‘HELP! Come down I need to Sleep!’.  Given I can’t do that I have turned to coffee to get through the day… and sugar. Oh I need sugar right now…now!


3 thoughts on “sleep

  1. What a mix of the two other Gil is. His profile is so Lucas but his eye are so Isla. I can’t wait to cuddle him…if he wants.
    I had an ice coffee the other day. I was trying to get some Christmas gifts organised while i had a couple of hours when both where in their respective “care” places. I was tired and hungry but didn’t want to eat. I haven’t had coffee in a few years and my, did I perk up. I couldn’t believe the difference. I like your coffee cup and lid.

    What’s in the German friendship cake?

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